For Lithuanians – you can watch video to see more info about Cyprus LRT “Gyvenimas”. (Skip ad and watch) 



For Lithuanians – you can watch video to see more info about Cyprus LRT “Gyvenimas”. (Skip ad and watch) 


Why invest in real estate in Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus, which had long been separated from the rest of Cyprus. Most importantly it has become an equal and extremely attractive place in the world. This part of Cyprus is a warm one. Even now an undiscovered part of the island, not destroyed by tourists. Northern Cyprus is heated all year round by the sun. Most importantly The sea and the area. Similarly Attractive hospitality and intertwined Turkish, Greek and British culture. In short Northern Cyprus is opening its doors. For both families and romantic holidaymakers. Or who is looking for something new and at great prices. More about it ‘Investing in real estate in Cyprus’.

What is special about Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is amazed by its nature and naturalness. Blank roads, small towns are not polished. A long way this corner is really touchy. Firstly will appeal to those who do not like the noise and screaming tourists from the neighboring country. Regardless, here is everything. Most importantly the beaches of the golden sand and the olive sea, the mountains are attracted. Similarly There are plenty of historical castles and sites to impress those who love visiting historic sites. Meanwhile Local culture and history and beautiful nature allow you to break away from your busy life. and dip yourself in for an exotic holiday trip. Moreover about it.’Investing in real estate in Cyprus.Information about the country ‘. In short Cyprus is best for real state investment.

What are the payment plans / options?

UAB Darvila represents only verified real estate developers in Cyprus. IT helps to acquire real estate in Cyprus under the best conditions. Possibility to buy an apartment or villa in developed and still expanding projects in the most beautiful places of Cyprus. At very good conditions.

    Payment can be made in cash, by wire transfer or by card without additional charges. It is possible to pay in pounds, Euros, Dollars.

   In addition you can buy the property in installments – pay a deposit of 25% -30% of full value followed by 2-3 years interest free monthly payment plan.

What are the documents needed to purchase a proposed home?

Most Importantly Only Document You Need When Buying Real Estate In Northern Cyprus – Is Your Passport. 


We offer high quality services. We also offer all other help you need for real estate. Or you want to buy and lease agreements, apartment furnishing etc. In conclusion You should try our services once if you are interesting to invest in Cyprus. We only work with trusted real estate developers. So your investment will be safe in both conditions. If it is already built and furnished or still under construction.



Is a visa required every time I come for INVESTMENT IN CYPRUS?

Most importantly European Union citizens do not need a visa to fly to Larnaca or Paphos airport. It is possible to come with an ID card and he can stay continuously for 3 months. Firstly the period of stay may be extended. If you submit your application to the appropriate authorities in time and get permission. Or you cross the border again. There are 12 border. Inspection posts between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Most importantly Its possible to pass with an identity card. There will be no stamp impressed. If you arrive to Northern Cyprus via Er-can airport then you must have a passport. As it will be stamped on arrival. There is no visa required also.

What property taxes will I have to pay for INVESTMENT IN CYPRUS?

Any purchase of real estate in Northern Cyprus is subject to 5% VAT. One-time yearly fee for property rights – 0.25€/1 sq. m. of enclosed area (1 time per year). Property tax is payable to the Registry Office. When title is registered in your name and can be paid after several months after the property is registered as your property. There is also a low contract fee which is 0.5% of the amount specified in the purchase agreement. Water and electricity installments charges vary from a project. NOTE: First-time residents are given a one-time opportunity to get the maximum title (land ownership) of up to 3% if you wish to qualify for it. This is a one-time fee.

How to rent an apartment, apartment or villa in Cyprus?

There is an administration company in the area of these RE projects. That will take care of the maintenance of your apartment or villa in Cyprus. Most importantly contact us for more details by email or phone.

How Many Properties Can I Buy for INVESTMENT IN CYPRUS?

Currently, a maximum of 12 acres of land per family member is allowed. Unless you have a company registered in Northern Cyprus. There are no other restrictions, unless you buy an apartment or villa which includes a title of the land. Then you will not be able to purchase any more real estate with a land title under your name. But other members of your family will be able to buy 1 property per person also.

What do I need to know about Cypriot culture for INVESTMENT IN CYPRUS?

Currency: The main currency used in Northern Cyprus is the Turkish Lira. Other major currencies. Such as US dollars, British pounds or the euro. They are accepted in large stores in urban areas. Markets can be settled in any currency including US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros. Only the rate has to be negotiated.
Timezone: Summer time in Northern Cyprus is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT + 3), Winter is GMT +2. That’s two hours ahead from Ireland, same time as Lithuanian time.
Language: The main language is Greek / Turkish, but English and Russian are everywhere used in large projects.


In 1974 during the war of the 16th century. The Turks separated the northern part of Cyprus and divided the island into two parts – Greek and Turkish. To clarify it was only recently (2004). That the border was opened and the locals were given the opportunity to go to the other side of the island. As a result, Northern Cyprus is not yet tired of tourists and waiting for them with their arms unfolded. In the northern part of Cyprus, there are 300,000. Turk o-Cypriots, very helpful and kind indeed. Above all Turkish-Cypriots, like most Muslims, whether religious or not, are very hospitable. Domestic food dominates here, certainly no pork. But in the shops next to the new complex it is already possible to buy some pork. In Cyprus, unlike in Turkey, only the old people follow Ramadan. Most tourists in Northern Cyprus are from the UK.

Airline tickets and flights to Cyprus

The planes fly to Cyprus from Ireland from Dublin, Belfast and London. Ticket prices vary depending on the season.  Most importantly In winter can definitely get a return flight for 100 Euros or less, and in summer prices start from 100 Euros depending on the stock and so on. More – plane tickets to Cyprus.

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